Deciding on the right company for your building project is extremely important. With a myriad of companies out there it can be daunting to know who the real experts are. Sika Homes aims to be the best building company in Auckland and there is a variety reasons why we believe you should choose us.


Open Book Policy

Not knowing where your money is going during the building process can be really scary.

Pumping tonnes of cash into your project but coming out with mediocre results is a common building or renovating nightmare. Or even worse, being told half way through your projectthat you have to pay extrain order to get what you had planned in the first place.

With SIKA Homes you don’t have to worry about any of that. We operate strictly on an Open Book Policy meaning:

  • You get a detailed cost estimate at the start of your project.

  • It includes an item by item cost break down and full timing schedule, meaning you know when your money is spent, and what it’s spent on

  • You will never get charged for any surprise extras or variations.

  • Everything that needs to be changed will be approved and signed off by you.

  • Our rates and margins will never change.

  • Once the contract is signed everything stays the same.

  • You will always be informed and have full decision making power.

  • Our aim is to build relationships with our clients which are founded on reliability and trust, so you will always be in the know and always be making all the important decisions.

You can forget the headaches, unnecessary problem solving and stress that can come from building and enjoy watching your project come to life.


Multi-Award Winning

“We just couldn’t figure out where the old house ended and the new part of the house began” – House of the Year Judges

After doing a 60sqm extension and turning an old, run down bungalow into an open, modern and comfortable home, the HOY Judges couldn’t even distinguish where the renovations took place. This project was recognised as the best in its category based on quality, craftsmanship and detailing.

You can be sure you are getting the best quality in the industry with SIKA Homes. 
Every project we take on is built to the same award winning standard. This means each project receives the same attention to detail, careful planning and meticulous work. You could be next in line to have your very own HOY award hanging on your wall.

“We are so impressed by the difference. Felt like we moved into a brand new home, a much better one at that! The team at SIKA Homes were so friendly and we were happy to have them around the kids, no stress or surprises. Best decision we’ve ever made” – J& H Booth


$4,000 Free Interior Design

Let your home be the envy of all your friends with our interior design package – for half the price!

To make your project easier on the wallet, we pay for HALF of your full-service interior design worth up to $8,000! You can use as much or as little of this service as you want,  and you get  a free no-obligation interior design consultation valued at $147.

Get your home looking the way you had always imagined the following design service:

  • Our partner interior designer will listen to your ideas, thoughts and style preferences

  • Then create full specification working drawings and..

  • A full colour and texture board

  • 3D colour drawings

On top of that you get access to wholesale-only prices for all your materials, which can add up to savings of over $10,000*.

*Based on previous client experience


Quality Assurance


Only 1 out of every 23 applicants is employed with SIKA Homes so you can be sure that our guys are the best professionals in the field. They have over 180 years of experience between them, and being open and friendly, they often get invited back for a barbecue and drinks after completion.


We also have a well proven list of every contractor you could imagine. However we operate a bit differently to most because we only work with the best two contractors in every field.

This means that the tradesmen working on your project are motivated to do a great job because they want to stay competitive and continue working with us.


On top of this, our dedicated project manager works closely with you throughout the duration of your project to ensure that everything is exactly as you had imagined. Weekly site meetings and email updates complete with photos are all part of this service.


On site we adhere to a comprehensive 300 point checklist to ensure that every detail of your project is up to the highest industry standards.



We know that life doesn’t always go to plan. With life’s unexpected challenges, no one wants to work with a company that is rigid, set in its ways and unwilling to listen. Which is why our approach to tackling your project is always centred around flexibility.


Whether you need to live in your home during the project, need extra care around your pets or need us to work around a particular time frame, we will always adapt to your specific needs.


We aim to make the building process fit your lifestyle, so you can go on holiday and get the keys upon your return, or you can join us and swing a hammer on the weekends. The way that works best for you, is the way we’ll do it.

“We are really happy with our bungalow renovation, as well as the flexibility and willingness Blayne and the team at SIKA Homes showed during the process. They worked to our deadlines, allowed us to use some of our own subcontractors and worked around our family needs. All our questions were always answered and anything that we weren’t 100% happy with was sorted out quickly. Overall we were extremely pleased with the commitment to our project, the transparency of whole process regarding budgets and Blayne’s “can do’’ attitude. T & M Behrent, Westmere


Extra Mile Guarantee

Be sure that you will be getting the best quality service around with the extra mile guarantee. It goes beyond standard building requirements and provides you with peace of mind about how we work.   

  • Open book policy: Working under our most commonly used “cost plus” contract, we will work with an “open book” policy so you’ll know where every single dollar is spent.

  • Experienced personnel: Your job will never be left in the hands of someone who is in over their head. You’ll always have an experienced foreman working on the project. He will have the full assistance of project management and other support staff.

  • Never increasing our rates or margins: Once the contract has been signed nothing will change. We’ll also never add any extras or variations which haven’t been approved.

  • Fast, effective communication: You will always get a response to any missed calls or emails within 48hrs. In most cases much sooner.

  • An extended maintenance period: Instead of the usual 31 days we will come back to fix any defects for 45 days after practical completion.