Not knowing where your money is going during the building process can be really scary

Pumping tonnes of cash into your project but coming out with mediocre results is a common building or renovating nightmare. Or even worse, being told half way through your projectthat you have to pay extrain order to get what you had planned in the first place.

With SIKA Homes you don’t have to worry about any of that. We operate strictly on an Open Book Policy meaning:

You get a detailed cost estimate at the start of your project.

It includes an item by item cost break down and full timing schedule, meaning you know when your money is spent, and what it’s spent on

You will never get charged for any surprise extras or variations.

Everything that needs to be changed will be approved and signed off by you.

Our rates and margins will never change.

Once the contract is signed everything stays the same.

You will always be informed and have full decision making power.

Our aim is to build relationships with our clients which are founded on reliability and trust, so you will always be in the know and always be making all the important decisions.

You can forget the headaches, unnecessary problem solving and stress that can come from building and enjoy watching your project come to life.